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Dennis Quaid Biography

Dennis Quaid Profile:
  • Name: Dennis Quaid
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Sex: M
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Date: April 9, 1954
  • Birth Place: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Profession: actor, singer, songwriter
  • Education: University of Houston in Houston, TX (dropped out)
  •   : Bellaire High School in Bellaire, TX
  • Husband/Wife: Kimberley Buffington (Texas real estate agent; met in 2003; married on July 4, 2004), Meg Ryan (actress; born on November 19, 1961; met in 1987; married on February 14, 1991; divorced on June 29, 2000), PJ Soles (actress; born on July 17, 1950; 1978-1983)
  • Relationship: Lea Thompson (actress; born on May 31, 1961; met in 1983 during the filming of Jaws 3-D; together for four years)
  • Father: William Quaid (aka Buddy Quaid; electrical contractor; died of a heart attack in 1987)
  • Mother: Nita Quaid (real-estate agent)
  • Brother: Randy Quaid (actor; born on October 1, 1950)
  • Half Brother: Buddy Quaid (actor; born on November 26, 1974)
  • Son: Jack Henry Quaid (born April 24, 1992; mother: Meg Ryan)
  • Claim to fame: as Ramy McSwain in The Big Easy (1987)

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Dennis Quaid Quotes:
  • On how Hollywood has changed: "It used to be that you would never see somebody like De Niro or Pacino do press junkets. Now they have to sell their movies. It used to be sort of not cool to even show up at the Golden Globes to accept an award."
  • "What, like I want to look like Dick Clark? No. I think I look great with liver spots."
  • "I could never hold a job for more than three months, which works out well because that's how long a movie shoots."
  • On fame: "I was very uncomfortable with all the attention when it first started happening to me. I retreated quite a bit from the world, both physically and emotionally. But then you just accept that you can't control what the rest of the world thinks or does."
Dennis Quaid Awards:
  • Chicago Film Critics Awards: Best Supporting Sctor, FAR FROM HEAVEN (2003)
  • Independent Spirit Awards: Best Male Supporting Lead, FAR FROM HEAVEN (2003)
  • Online Film Critics Society Awards: Best Supporting Actor, FAR FROM HEAVEN (2003)
  • New York Film Critics Circle: Best Supporting Actor, FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards: Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture, TRAFFIC (2001)
  • Independent Spirit Award: Best Actor, THE BIG EASY (1988)
  • Valladolid International Film Festival: Best Actor, THE BIG EASY (1987)

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