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Dan Aykroyd Biography

Dan Aykroyd Profile:
  • Name: Dan Aykroyd
  • Birth Name: Daniel Edward Aykroyd
  • Height: 6'
  • Sex: M
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Birth Date: July 1, 1952
  • Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: actor
  • Education: Carleton University in Ottawa (majored in Criminology and Sociology)
  • Husband/Wife: Donna Dixon (actress; married in 1984), Maureen Lewis (married on May 10, 1974; divorced)
  • Father: Peter Hugh Aykroyd (Canadian government official)
  • Mother: Lorraine Aykroyd
  • Brother: Peter Aykroyd (producer)
  • Son: Oscar (mother: Maureen Lewis), Lloyd (mother: Maureen Lewis), Mark (mother: Maureen Lewis)
  • Daughter: Stella Irene Augustus (born on April 5, 1998; mother: Donna Dixon), Belle Kingston (born on June 9, 1993; mother: Donna Dixon), Danielle Alexandra (born on November 18, 1989; mother: Donna Dixon)
  • Claim to fame: as Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers (1980)

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Dan Aykroyd Quotes:
  • "If it hadn't been for Carleton [University], The Blues Brothers movie would never have been made."
  • "At 49 years old, I'm really feeling sedentary, reclusive. I really just want to just shut everything down for a while."
  • "To this day I still have that blue-collar mentality."
  • "I'd like to find and choose the last vehicle and exit on a really high, graceful, substantial note in film."
  • "Everyone leaves a bioelectric residue behind them as they walk through life. So it really is possible for a living being to haunt a place where they are well known."
  • "It was well known that at Saturday Night Live I sampled all the drugs that were passed across the desks, but I never really liked it too much. Growing up in the '60s and '70s, there was a sort of selfish license to go and try that stuff. I've dispensed with all that; I'm more of a fine-red-wine guy now. I never had that love of coke that John [Belushi] did. He had big appetites. I've lost some beautiful friends...Alex Taylor--James Taylor's brother, River Phoenix... I've had a lot of people go before me."
Dan Aykroyd Awards:
  • Emmy Awards: Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, The Simpsons for playing various characters for episode Worst Episode Ever. (2001)
  • Emmy Awards: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE (2000)
  • Emmy Awards: Outstanding Voiceover Performance: The Simpsons (1998)

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