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Austin Powers in Goldmember Movie

Austin Powers in Goldmember Info:

Released in US July 25, 2002
Total US Gross $213,079,163
Production Budget $63,000,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $50,000,000
Worldwide Gross $292,700,000
MPAA Rating PG-13 for sexual innuendo, crude humor and language
Highest Combined Star Gross12
Franchises Austin Powers
Genres Secret Agent, Spoof, Time Travel, Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by New Line
Source Sequel
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Jay Roach

Austin Powers in Goldmember Cast:

Tom Cruise    ( as Famous Austin Powers )
Britney Spears    ( as Herself )
Kevin Spacey    ( as Himself )
Mike Myers    ( as Austin Powers/Dr. Evil/Fat Bastard/Goldmember )
Beyonce Knowles    ( as Foxy Cleopatra )
Michael York    ( as Basil Exposition )
Michael Caine    ( as Captain Hendricks/Nigel Powers )
Seth Green    ( as Scott Evil )
Eddie Adams    ( as Young Basil Exposition )
Robert Wagner    ( as Number 2 )
Mindy Sterling    ( as Frau Farbissina )
Verne Troyer    ( as Mini-Me/Mini-Austin )
Clint Howard    ( as Johnson Ritter )
Danny De Vito    ( as Famous Mini-Me )
Gwyneth Paltrow    ( as Dixie Normous )
Fred Savage    ( as Number Three/'The Mole' )
John Travolta    ( as Himself )
Steven Spielberg    ( as Himself )
Nathan Lane    ( as Foxxy Cleopatra's Decoy (uncredited) )
Rob Lowe    ( as Young Number Two (uncredited) )
Kristen Johnston    ( as Dancer At Austin's Pad )

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