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17-year-old Rashad was forced to become the man of the house earlier than most. Since the death of his parents, heís carried the responsibility for himself and his little brother Ant squarely on his shoulders. While he does his best to keep Ant in school and out of the trouble thatís always lurking in their South Atlanta neighborhood, sometimes it seems like a losing battle--Rashad canít be everywhere at once, and Ant is dangerously close to falling under the spell of a blinged-out local dealer who promises fast money and respect Ant. A talented artist, Rashad doesnít see any future for himself beyond assisting his Uncle George as a janitor after school. Lately it seems the only bright spot in Rashadís life is New-New. She sees something special in him. When the two get together, everything begins to change, and Rashadís future starts to open up for the first time. But New-New has a secret thatís getting harder to keep. Behind her ghetto-fabulous front, New-New is actually Erin, a rich girl from the right side of the tracks whoís drawn to the vibrant life she sees in Rashadís neighborhood. Her father, successful CEO John Garnett, grew up on the south side of town, but once he left he never looked back. Garnett forbids his daughter from setting foot anywhere near his old neighborhood. So every weekend she leaves Erin behind, lying to her parents so that she can become New-New, the person she thinks she needs to be to find acceptance in Rashadís world. Besides New-New, there arenít many people Rashad can count on. His best friend Esquire is an ambitious student who dreams of attending an Ivy League college, and is willing to do anything to make that dream come true. When Esquire runs into New-New while cozying up to her influential father for a letter of recommendation, he has to make a decision whether or not to blow her cover. When Rashad finds out New-Newís real story, he doesnít know who to trust anymore--it seems everyone in his life is lying to him, even the people he loves the most. As Ant gets pulled deeper into the life of a dealer and Rashadís dreams for him begin to fade, Rashad is going to have to make tough choices about what he wants and where heís going.

Box Office Info:

Big Boi (as Marcus )
Bone Crusher (as Security )
April Clark (as Tondie )
Albe Daniels (as Brooklyn )
Albert Daniels (as Brooklyn )
Keith David (as John Garnett )
Laurie Gardner (as Gala attendee )
Khadijah (as Veda )
Laurene Landon
Lauren London (as New-New )
Jackie Long (as Esquire )
Malika (as Star )
Lonette McKee (as Priscilla Garnett )
Lauren Leah Mitchell (as Janice Rawlings )
Markice Moore (as Austin )
Zoe Myers (as Preppy Girl )
Evan Ross Naess (as Anton "Ant" Swann )
Vanessa Petrosky (as Holly )
Jazze Pha (as DJ )
Parker Price (as Skating Rink Patron )
Ric Reitz (as Guidence Counselor )
Tasha Smith
Brandon Thaxton (as Teenage Boy )
T.I. (as Rashad )
Jason Weaver (as Teddy )
Mykelti Williamson (as Uncle George )
Kenneth L. Zirkman (as Gala Attendee )

Directed By: Chris Robinson
Written By: Gina Prince Bythewood & Tina Gordon Chism
Produced By: Warner Bros.

Release Date (US): March 31st, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 40min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for drug content, language, sexual material and some violence

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $

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