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Around the World in 80 Days Movie

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A tale that centers around three unlikely heroes as they attempt to settle an outrageous wager. An eccentric London inventor, Phileas Fogg, has come up with the secrets to flight, electricity, and even roller-blades, but the world has dismissed him as a crackpot. Desperate to be taken seriously, Fogg makes an outlandish bet with Lord Kelvin, the head of the Royal Academy of Science: to circumnavigate the globe in no more than 80 days! With his two sidekicks--Passepartout and femme fatale Monique--Fogg is headed on a frantic, heart-pounding round-the-world race that takes our heroes to the world's most exotic places by land, sea, and air. Along the way, our heroes face many adventures and obstacles from an all-star cast that land them in comedic predicaments, and exhilarating action.

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Box Office Info:

Jackie Chan (as Passepartout)
Steve Coogan (as Phileas Fogg)
Cécile De France (as Monique)
Jim Broadbent (as Lord Kelvin)
Kathy Bates (as Queen Victoria)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Prince Hapi)
John Cleese (as Grizzled sergeant)
Owen Wilson (as Wilbur Wright)
Ian McNeice (as Col. Kitchener)
Luke Wilson (as Orville Wright)
Rob Schneider (as Hobo)
Mark Addy (as Steamer captain)
Ewen Bremner (as Insp. Fix)
Maggie Q (as Female Scorpion agent)

Directed By: Frank Coraci
Written By: David Andrew Goldstein & David Benullo
Produced By: Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date (US): June 16th, 2004

Length of Movie: 2h 00min

MPAA Rating: PG (for action violence, some crude humor and mild language)

Budget: $110,000,000

Opening Weekend: $7,576,132

Around the World in 80 Days Soundtrack

Around the World in 80 Days Soundtrack
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1. Everybody All Over the World (Join the Celebration)
2. River of Dreams
3. It's a Small World - Baha Men
4. Around the World Overture
5. Jetpack Journey
6. Wager
7. Rendezvous in Paris
8. Balloon Chase
9. 1st Class Waltz
10. Prince Hapi Escape
11. Agra to China
12. Return to the Jade Buddha
13. Lost in America
14. Dismantling Carmen
15. Exactly Like My Dream

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