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Apt Pupil Movie

Apt Pupil Info:

Released in US October 23, 1998
Total US Gross $8,863,193
MPAA Rating R for scenes of strong violence, language and brief sexuality
Distributed by TriStar
Original Story by Stephen King
Music Composed By John Ottman
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Suspense
Country United States
Director Bryan Singer

Apt Pupil Cast:

Ian McKellen    ( as Kurt Dussander )
Brad Renfro    ( as Todd Bowden )
Bruce Davison    ( as Richard Bowden )
Elias Koteas    ( as Archie )
Joe Morton    ( as Dan Richler )
Jan Triska    ( as Isaac Weiskopf )
Michael Byrne    ( as Ben Kramer )
Heather McComb    ( as Becky Trask )
Ann Dowd    ( as Monica Bowden )
Joshua Jackson    ( as Joey )
David Schwimmer    ( as Edward French )
Mickey Cottrell    ( as Sociology Teacher )
Michael Artura    ( as Detective Getty )
James Karen    ( as Victor Bowden )
Marjorie Lovett    ( as Agnes Bowden )
Kevin Spirtas   

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