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It's known as one of the toughest institutions is America--a home for the best and brightest who are driven to serve their country and a training facility where only the strongest survive. It's a rarified world that, by necessity, makes or breaks tomorrow's heroes. And for local Maryland kid Jake Huard the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis has been a lifelong dream he never thought could come true. Only now that it has, he is about to realize that his battle to become the man he always wanted to be is only just beginning. Jake was raised to believe his future lay as a laborer in the Annapolis shipyards--like everyone else in his family before him. But to his disbelief, Jake has defied the odds and become one of the rare few accepted to Annapolis along with some of the most elite young men and women in the country. When he arrives, his dream soon looks like it might turn into a nightmare. As a freshman "plebe," Jake is immediately thrown into a pressure-cooker atmosphere that threatens to be his undoing. Just as it seems Jake could become another Annapolis statistic, he takes one last shot at proving his potential. He meets an unlikely ally in his beautiful, stunningly strong military superior, Ali, who also happens to secretly be a skilled boxing trainer. Jake decides to train for the legendary Navy boxing competition, a creator of future leaders known as the Brigade Championships. Now, there remains only one thing standing between Jake and the triumph he needs--the steel-jawed company commander, Midshipman Lt. Cole. Everything Jake has ever hoped for stands in the balance--the chance to make his father proud, the chance to stand up for his fellow plebes and, most of all, the opportunity to fight for a better future.

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Box Office Info:

James Franco (as Jake Huard )
Tyrese Gibson (as Cole )
Jordana Brewster (as Ali )
Donnie Wahlberg (as Lt. Cmdr. Burton )
Vicellous Reon Shannon (as Twins )
Roger Fan (as Loo )
Wilmer Calderon (as Estrada )
McCaleb Burnett (as Whitaker )
Jim Parrack (as A.J. )
Brian Goodman (as Bill Huard )
Katie Hein (as Risa )
Chi McBride (as Coach McNally )
Heather Henderson (as Daniels )
Charles Napier (as Supt. Carter )
Scott D. Carson (as Commandant )

Directed By: Justin Lin
Written By: David Collard
Produced By: Buena Vista

Release Date (US): January 27, 2006

Length of Movie: 1h 48min

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some violence, sexual content and language.

Budget: $

Opening Weekend: $7,681,171

Annapolis Soundtrack

Annapolis Soundtrack
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1. Annapolis
2. The Brigades
3. Showdown
4. Progression
5. Turning Point
6. Iíll Do It
7. Run In Place
8. The Naval Academy
9. Jake
10. Four Seconds
11. Twinsí Theme
12. Tank Drill
13. The Offer
14. A Little Jog
15. Second Chances
16. Brigade Training
17. Eye Opening
18. Gates Of Annapolis
19. Jake And Ali
20. Cole
21. I Have Nowhere Else to Go
22. Training Begins
23. Near First Kiss
24. Math Problems
25. Sleepless Night
26. Holiday Leave
27. Wakey Wakey
28. Find Out Who You Are
29. Annapolis Finale
30. Annapolis End Title

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