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Anger Management Movie

Anger Management Info:

Released in US April 11, 2003
Total US Gross $135,560,942
Production Budget $56,000,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $35,000,000
Worldwide Gross $195,660,942
MPAA Rating PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content and language (previously rated R)
Highest Combined Star Gross137
Genres Gratuitous Cameos
Distributed by Sony Pictures
Produced by Happy Madison, Revolution Studios
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director Peter Segal

Anger Management Cast:

Jack Nicholson    ( as Buddy Rydell )
Adam Sandler    ( as Dave Buznik )
Krista Allen    ( as Stacy )
Allen Covert    ( as Andrew )
Kurt Fuller    ( as Frank Head )
Luis Guzman    ( as Lou )
Woody Harrelson    ( as Galaxia )
Lori Heuring    ( as Anger Management Receptionist )
January Jones    ( as Gina )
Jonathan Loughran    ( as Nate )
Kevin Nealon    ( as Sam )
Lynne Thigpen    ( as Judge Daniels )
Marisa Tomei    ( as Linda )
John Turturro    ( as Chuck )
Heather Graham    ( as Kendra )
John C. Reilly    ( as Arnie Shankman )
Harry Dean Stanton    ( as Blind Man )
Lou Rawls   
Adrian Ricard    ( as Rose Rydell )
Peter Spruyt    ( as Ricky )
Roger Clemens    ( as Himself )
Rudy Giuliani    ( as Himself )

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