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Little Anastasia and her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie, manage to escape the curse Rasputin lowers upon the rest of the Romanovs thanks to the enterprising help of a kitchen boy. But while Marie makes it back to her home in Paris, Anastasia becomes separated from her and is next seen a decade later. At that moment, Dimitri and Vladimir are auditioning candidates for an alleged theatrical piece while actually looking for a young woman they can groom and pass off as the real Anastasia to collect the reward from the Empress Marie in Paris. Anastasia, as Anya, with no recollection of her past, wins the role and they set off for France. Rasputin has vowed to fulfill his curse by finally destroying Anastasia and unleashes his demons upon a train carrying her and her two mentors to Paris. Surviving this, Anya and Dimitri's relationship turns to romance. As for the Empress, she has tired of interviewing greedy impostors, but eventually, the two meet and Anya realizes her true identity.

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Box Office Info:

Meg Ryan (as Anastasia (voice))
John Cusack (as Dimitri (voice))
Kelsey Grammer (as Vladimir (voice))
Christopher Lloyd (as Rasputin (voice))
Hank Azaria (as Bartok (voice))
Bernadette Peters (as Sophie (voice))
Kirsten Dunst (as Young Anastasia (voice))
Angela Lansbury (as Dowager Empress Marie (voice))
Rick Jones (as Czar Nicholas/Servant/Revolutionary Soldier/Ticket Agent (voice))
Andrea Martin (as Phlegmenkoff/Old Woman (voice))
Glenn Walker Harris Jr. (as Young Dimitri (voice))
Debra Mooney (as Actress (voice))
Arthur Malet (as Travelling Man/Major Domo (voice))
Charity James (as Anastasia Impostor (voice))
Liz Callaway (as Anastasia (singing voice))

Directed By: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
Written By:Susan Gauthier and Bruce Graham
Produced By: 20th Century Fox [us]

Release Date 23 November 23rd, 1997

Length of Movie: 94 min

MPAA Rating: USA:G

Budget: $53,000,000

Opening Weekend: $14,242,807

Domestic Box Office Gross: $58,297,830

Anastasia Soundtrack

Anastasia Soundtrack
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1. Rumor in St. Petersburg - Jonathan Dokuchitz
2. Journey to the Past - Liz Callaway
3. Once upon a December - Liz Callaway
4. In the Dark of the Night - Jim Cummings
5. Learn to Do It - Liz Callaway
6. Learn to Do It [Waltz Reprise] - Kelsey Grammer
7. Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart) - Jonathan Dokuchitz
8. At the Beginning - Donna Lewis
9. Journey to the Past - Aaliyah
10. Once upon a December - Deana Carter
11. Prologue
12. Speaking of Sophie
13. Nightmare
14. Kidnap and Reunion - Liz Callaway
15. Reminiscing With Grandma
16. Finale
17. Viaje Tiempo Atrás (Journey to the Past) - Thalía

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