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Kiki Harrison is the devoted personal assistant to beautiful, narcissistic megastar Gwen Harrison. She also happens to be Gwen's sister. Life with her famous sister has never been easy for the awkward and self-conscious Kiki, but it's about to get even harder since she's agreed to help Gwen and her estranged actor husband Eddie Thomas reunite for one last public appearance to promote their latest movie. Veteran press agent Lee Phillips, on the brink of being replaced by his younger protege, is put in charge of masterminding this highly anticipated event. With Kiki as his secret weapon, Lee just might make this weekend go off without a hitch. At first it seems Lee and Kiki's biggest challenge is to maintain the peace between Gwen and Eddie and keep their high profile image intact, but soon Kiki finds she's faced with a more important concern as her longtime friendship with Eddie surprisingly begins to take a romantic turn.

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Box Office Info:

Julia Roberts (as Kathleen "Kiki" Harrison)
Billy Crystal (as Lee Phillips)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Gwen Harrison)
John Cusack (as Eddie Thomas)
Hank Azaria (as Hector Gorgonzolas)
Stanley Tucci (as Dave Kingman)
Christopher Walken (as Hal Weidmann)
Alan Arkin (as Wellness Guide)
Seth Green (as Danny Wax)
Scot Zeller (as Davis)
Larry King (as Himself)
Steve Pink (as Limo Driver)
Rainn Wilson (as Dave O'Hanlon)
Eric Balfour (as Security Guard)
Marty Belafsky (as Security Guard)

Directed By: Joe Roth
Written By:Billy Crystal & Peter Tolan
Produced By:Revolution Studios

Release Date (US): July 22nd 2001

Length of Movie: 102 min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for language, some crude and sexual humor.

Budget: $48,000,000

Opening Weekend:$30,181,877

Domestic Box Office Gross: $93,607,673

America's Sweethearts Soundtrack

America's Sweethearts Soundtrack
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1. Some Hearts - Kelly Levesque
2. All The Love In The World - The Corrs
3. Walk With Me - Clara's Star
4. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Geri Halliwell
5. Space To Share - Scapegoat Wax
6. American Classic - Franky X Perez
7. Gravy Train - Mark Knopfler
8. Chances Are - Invertigo
9. Falling In Love Again - Anika Moa
10. Send Some Love - Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
11. We All Fall Down - Bekka Bramlett
12. Those Were Good Times - James Newton Howard

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