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How does the widowed leader of the free world balance his many obligations to his country with the ordinary demands and everyday rites of courtship? When President Andrew Shepherd, quite unexpectedly, falls in love with Sydney Wade, an environmental lobbyist, he must overcome obstacles not faced by average citizens; he must worry that the public's right to know will collide with the desire for personal privacy. He must contend with approval ratings, an inquiring press and an aggressive political opponent just to go on a date. The President's advisors, chief of staff, domestic policy advisor, White House pollster and press secretary help him get through his busy schedule, deal with demands of congress and quell any global predicaments. But political crises are different than personal ones and somehow the The American President alone must find a way to balance his love for his country with his love for an incredible woman.

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Box Office Info:

Michael Douglas (as President Andrew Shepherd)
Annette Bening (as Sydney Ellen Wade)
Martin Sheen (as A.J. MacInerney)
Michael J. Fox (as Lewis Rothschild)
Anna Deavere Smith (as Robin McCall)
Samantha Mathis (as Janie Basdin)
Shawna Waldron (as Lucy Shepherd)
David Paymer (as Leon Kodak)
Anne Haney (as Mrs. Chapil)
Richard Dreyfuss (as Senator Bob Rumson)
Nina Siemaszko (as Beth Wade)
Wendie Malick (as Susan Sloan)
Beau Billingslea (as Agent Cooper)
Gail Strickland (as Esther MacInerney)
Joshua Malina (as David)

Directed By: Rob Reiner
Written By:Aaron Sorkin
Produced By: Universal Pictures [us]

Release Date: November 17th, 1995

Length of Movie: 114 min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some strong language.

Budget: $62,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $65,000,000

The American President Soundtrack

The American President Soundtrack
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1. Main Titles
2. Call Me Andy
3. I Like Her
4. It's Meatloaf Night
5. First Kiss
6. Slow Down Plan
7. Morning After/Meet the Press
8. Politics as Usual
9. Never Have an Airline Strike at Christmas
10. I Have Dreamed (The State Dinner)
11. Camp David
12. Gathering Votes
13. Make the Deal
14. Decisions
15. President Shepherd
16. End Titles

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