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American Graffiti Movie

American Graffiti Info:

Released in US August 11, 1973
Total US Gross $115,000,000
Production Budget $777,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $2,000,000
Rentals $55,128,000
Worldwide Gross $140,000,000
Highest Combined Star Gross859
Franchises American Graffiti
Genres Street Racing, Coming of Age
Distributed by Universal
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States
Director George Lucas

American Graffiti Cast:

Richard Dreyfuss    ( as Curt Henderson )
Ron Howard    ( as Steve Bolander )
Charles Martin Smith    ( as Terry Fields )
Paul Le Mat    ( as John Milner )
Harrison Ford    ( as Bob Falfa )
Cindy Williams    ( as Laurie Henderson )
Candy Clark    ( as Debbie Dunham )
Kathleen Quinlan    ( as Peg, girl at dance )
Suzanne Somers    ( as Blonde in T-Bird )

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