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Lester Burnham's wife Carolyn, who's cheating on him, hates him, his daughter Jane regards him with contempt, and his boss is positioning him for the ax -- the typical suburban nightmare. When you've got nothing to lose, you might as well risk everything. Provoked by forbidden passions, Lester decides to make a few changes in his life that are less mid-life crisis than adolescence redux. The freer he gets, the happier he gets, which is even more maddening to wife and daughter alike. A pandora's box of fantasies as he begins lust after his daughter's over-developed friend. But Lester Burnham is about to learn that the ultimate freedom comes at the ultimate price.

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Box Office Info:

Kevin Spacey (as Lester Burnham )
Annette Bening (as Carolyn Burnham )
Thora Birch (as Jane Burnham )
Wes Bentley (as Ricky Fitts )
Mena Suvari (as Angela Hayes )
Peter Gallagher (as Buddy Kane )
Allison Janney (as Barbara Fitts )
Chris Cooper (as Col. Frank Fitts, USMC )
Scott Bakula (as Jim Olmeyer )
Sam Robards (as Jim Berkley )
Barry Del Sherman (as Brad Dupree )
Ara Celi (as Sale House Woman #1 )
John Cho (as Sale House Man #1 )
Fort Atkinson (as Sale House Man #2 )
Sue Casey (as Sale House Woman #2 )

Directed By: Sam Mendes
Written By: Alan Ball
Produced By: DreamWorks SKG

Release Date (US): September 19th, 1999

Length of Movie: 2h 2min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong sexuality, language, violence and drug content

Budget: $15,000,000

Opening Weekend: $861,531

Domestic Box Office Gross: $130,058,047

American Beauty Soundtrack

American Beauty Soundtrack
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1. Dead Already
2. Arose
3. Power of Denial
4. Lunch w/ The King
5. Mental Boy
6. Mr. Smarty-Man
7. Root Beer
8. American Beauty
9. Bloodless Freak
10. Choking the Bishop
11. Weirdest Home Videos
12. Structure & Discipline
13. Spartanette
14. Angela Undress
15. Marine
16. Walk Home
17. Blood Red
18. Any Other Name
19. Still Dead

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