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The roads cross at San Antonio de Bexar at a small, ruined mission called The Alamo--a place where myth meets history and legend meets reality. In the spring of 1836 nearly 200 Texans--men of all races who believed in the future of Texas--held the fort for thirteen days under siege by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, ruler of Mexico and commander of its forces. Led by three men--the young, brash Colonel William Travis; the violent, passionate James Bowie; and the larger-than-life living legend Davy Crockett--the Texans and their deeds at the Alamo would pass into history as General Sam Houston's rallying cry for Texas independence. As well, their actions would become legend for their symbolic significance.


Box Office Info:

Dennis Quaid (as General Sam Houston)
Maurice Ripke (as Sitting Prisoner)
Billy Bob Thornton (as Davy Crockett)
Jason Patric (as James Bowie)
Patrick Wilson (as Col. William Barrett Travis)
Emilio Echevarrķa (as General Santa Anna)
Jordi Mollą (as Juan Seguin)
Laura Clifton (as Susanna Dickinson)
Kevin Page (as Micajah Autry)

Directed By: John Lee Hancock
Written By:Leslie Bohem & Stephen Gaghan
Produced By: Touchstone Pictures

Release Date (US): April 9, 2004

Length of Movie: 2h 17min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sustained intense battle sequences

Budget: $95,000,000

Opening Weekend: $9,124,701

The Alamo Soundtrack

The Alamo Soundtrack
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1. Flesh and Honor
2. 300 Miles of Snow
3. What We're Defending
4. Bexareno
5. Zandunga
6. Who Took Their Loved Ones
7. Listen to the Mockingbird Sing
8. Evacuation of Bexar
9. Calm After the Storm
10. Visitation of Saint Ursula
11. Quiet Mountain
12. They Ain't Bear
13. Bonham's Ride
14. Sell Our Lives Dearly
15. Night Falls on the Alamo
16. Deguello de Crockett
17. Last Night
18. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 1
19. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 2
20. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 3
21. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 4
22. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 5
23. Battle of the Alamo, Pt. 6
24. Death of Crockett
25. Runaway Scrape
26. Blood, or Texas

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