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Aladdin Movie

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A tale of love and fantasy involving a street wise urchin, Aladdin, a beautiful princess and a magical genie.

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Box Office Info:

Scott Weinger (as Aladdin 'Al'/Prince Ali Ababwa (voice))
Robin Williams (as The Blue Genie of the Lamp (voice))
Linda Larkin (as Princess Jasmine (voice))
Jonathan Freeman (as Grand Vizier Jafar (voice))
Frank Welker (as Abu the Monkey (voice))
Gilbert Gottfried (as Iago the Parrot (voice))
Douglas Seale (as Sultan of Agrabah (voice))
Bruce Adler (as Merchant/Narrator (voice))
Brad Kane (as Aladdin 'Al'/Prince Ali Ababwa (singing voice))
Lea Salonga (as Princess Jasmine (singing voice))
Charles Adler (as Additional Voices (voice) )
Jack Angel (as Additional Voices (voice))
Corey Burton (as Additional Voices (voice))
Philip L. Clarke (as Additional Voices (voice))
Jim Cummings (as Razoul the Chief Guard (voice))

Directed By: Ron Clements and John Musker
Written By:Roger Allers and Ron Clements
Produced By:Walt Disney Pictures [us]

Release Date 11/25/1992

Length of Movie: 90 min


Budget: $28,000,000

Opening Weekend:

Domestic Box Office Gross: $217,350,219

Aladdin Soundtrack

Aladdin Soundtrack
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1. Arabian Nights - Bruce Adler
2. Legend of the Lamp
3. One Jump Ahead - Brad Kane
4. Street Urchins
5. One Jump Ahead (Reprise) - Brad Kane
6. Friend Like Me - Robin Williams
7. To Be Free
8. Prince Ali - Robin Williams
9. Whole New World - Brad Kane
10. Jafar's Hour
11. Prince Ali (Reprise) - Jonathan Freeman
12. Ends of the Earth
13. Kiss
14. On a Dark Night
15. Jasmine Runs Away
16. Marketplace
17. Cave of Wonders
18. Aladdin's Word
19. Battle
20. Happy End in Agrabah
21. Whole New World (Alladdin's Theme)

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