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Max The King of Alibis Burdett and his beautiful accomplice Lola have come to Paradise Island in the Bahamas, fresh off their final big score in which they lifted the second of the three famous Napoleon diamonds. With their financial future set, the couple is ready to relax and enjoy their hard-earned riches. But Stan, the FBI agent who has spent years in dogged but failed pursuit of Max, refuses to believe that his nemesis is actually calling it quits. He thinks that Max and Lola are actually plotting to steal the third Napoleon diamond--one of the three largest non-flawed diamonds in the world--which is coincidentally scheduled to arrive on Paradise Island as part of a touring cruise ship exhibition. Since he has no jurisdiction in the Caribbean country, Stan teams with a local cop and sets out to catch the sly Max and Lola in the act, while at the same time a local gangster has his own plans for the diamond. When the longtime adversaries meet up in paradise, Max quickly turns the tables and befriends the frustrated detective, showing him that Paradise Island has no shortage of pleasures to offer. But in order for Stan to figure out exactly what Max and Lola are up to, he will have to navigate all the twists and double-crosses of an action-packed story of friendship, suspicion and thievery.

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Box Office Info:

Pierce Brosnan (as Max Burdett )
Salma Hayek (as Lola Cirillo )
Woody Harrelson (as Agent Stanley P. Lloyd )
Don Cheadle (as Henry Mooré )
Naomie Harris (as Sophie )
Chris Penn (as Fence )

Directed By: Brett Ratner
Written By: Paul Zbyszewski
Produced By: New Line Cinema

Release Date (US): November 12th, 2004

Length of Movie: 1h 40min

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sexuality, violence and language

Budget: $60,000,000

Opening Weekend: $11,100,392

After the Sunset Soundtrack

After the Sunset Soundtrack
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1. I Got It - Kevin Lyttle
2. Drive Me Crazy - Kevin Lyttle
3. Tempted To Touch - Rupee
4. You Never Know - Rupee
5. Punkie - Sean Paul/Tego Calderon
6. Night And Day - Dawn Penn
7. Boombastic - Shaggy
8. Who Say Me Done - Cutty Ranks
9. Cobra Style - Teddybears STHLM
10. Police And Theives - Junior Murvin
11. Agora So Falta Voce - Maria Rita
12. Weh Di Time - Voicemail
13. Gal You A Lead - T.O.K.

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