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The Adventures of Pluto Nash Movie

The Adventures of Pluto Nash Info:

Released in US August 16, 2002
Total US Gross $4,411,102
Production Budget $100,000,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $20,000,000
Worldwide Gross $7,094,995
MPAA Rating PG-13 for violence, sexual humor and language
Highest Combined Star Gross55
Genres Cloning
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment
Music Composed By John Powell
Source Original Screenplay
Major Genre Comedy
Country United States

The Adventures of Pluto Nash Cast:

Eddie Murphy    ( as Pluto Nash )
Alec Baldwin    ( as M.Z.M )
Rosario Dawson    ( as Dina Lake )
Jay Mohr    ( as Tony Francis )
Randy Quaid    ( as Bruno )
Joe Pantoliano    ( as Mogan )
Victor Varnado    ( as Kelp )
Illeana Douglas    ( as Dr. Mona Zimmer )
Pam Grier    ( as Flura Nash )
James Rebhorn    ( as Belcher )
Peter Boyle    ( as Rowland )
Brian D. Wright    ( as Ed )
John Cleese    ( as James )
Luis Guzman    ( as Felix Laranga )
Burt Young    ( as Gino )

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