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Despite the success of his first produced script, "Being John Malkovich," for which he received an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay, Charlie Kaufman is plagued by insecurities, both in his career and his personal life. When he is hired to adapt "The Orchid Thief," a nonfiction book about a fanatical orchid breeder, John Laroche, he is completely stumped. Though, on the surface, the book is about Laroche’s flower poaching adventures in the Florida Everglades, on another level it’s also about the desire in all of us to experience passion. This longing plagues the book’s author, Susan Orlean and, Charlie realizes, himself as well. Charlie’s twin brother, Donald Kaufman, only makes things worse when he moves in with Charlie and announces he’s going to be a screenwriter too. As Charlie battles his severe case of writer’s block, Donald cheerily types away on a script about a serial killer with multiple-personality disorder. Donald’s script immediately sells, making him the “hot” new writer in town. As if Charlie wasn’t feeling bad enough, Donald is also getting laid regularly, while Charlie can’t even get to first base. Then, one day, Charlie has a last ditch inspiration. He’ll use his own dilemma as a framework for the script about Laroche and Orlean. But as the words start to flow, and the story takes shape, Charlie inadvertently sets in motion a chain of events impacting on the lives of all the characters

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Box Office Info:

Nicolas Cage (as Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman )
Meryl Streep (as Susan Orlean )
Chris Cooper (as John Laroche )
Cara Seymour (as Amelia Kavan )
Tilda Swinton (as Valerie Thomas )
Ron Livingston (as Marty Bowen )
Brian Cox (as Robert McKee )
Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Caroline Cunningham )
Jim Beaver (as Ranger Tony )
Judy Greer (as Alice the Waitress )
Litefoot (as Russell (as G. Paul Davis) )
Doug Jones (as Augustus Margary )
Jay Tavare (as Matthew Osceola )
Stephen Tobolowsky (as Ranger Steve Neely )
Roger Willie (as Randy )

Directed By: Spike Jonze
Written By: Susan Orlean & Charlie Kaufman
Produced By: Propaganda Films & Beverly Detroit

Release Date (US): December 8th, 2002

Length of Movie: 1h 54min

MPAA Rating: Rated R for language, sexuality, some drug use and violent images.

Budget: $19,000,000

Opening Weekend: $384,478

Domestic Box Office Gross: $22,245,861

Adaptation Soundtrack

Adaptation Soundtrack
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1. Adaptation [Fatboy Slim Remix]
2. Evolution of the Screenwriter
3. Writer and the Crazy White Man
4. Unashamed Passion
5. Evolution of Evolution
6. On Judgement, Human and Otherwise
7. Whittle the World Down
8. On the Similarity of Human and Orchid Forms
9. Screenwriter's Nightmare
10. Approaching the Object of Desire
11. Shinier Than Any Ant
12. Slough Pit of Creation
13. Adaptation Versus Immutability
14. Effects of Sibling Pressure
15. Evasion and Escape
16. Unexpressed Expressed
17. Screenwriter's Nightmare [Zeno Remix]
18. Happy Together

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