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The 13th Warrior Movie

The 13th Warrior Info:

Released in US August 27, 1999
Total US Gross $32,698,899
Production Budget $125,000,000
Prints and Advertising Budget $25,000,000
Worldwide Gross $61,698,899
MPAA Rating R for bloody battles and carnage
Genres Medieval
Distributed by Buena Vista
Original Story by Michael Crichton
Source Based on Book/Short Story
Major Genre Action/Adventure
Country United States
Director John McTiernan

The 13th Warrior Cast:

Antonio Banderas    ( as Ibn Fadlan )
Diane Venora    ( as Queen Weilew )
Omar Sharif    ( as Melchisidek )
Vladimir Kulich    ( as Buliwif )
Maria Bonneviw    ( as Olga )
Mischa Hausserman    ( as Rethel )
Sven Wollter    ( as King Hrothgar )
Dennis Storhoi    ( as Herger )
John DeSantis    ( as Ragnar )
Asbjorn 'Bear' Riis    ( as Halga )
Erick Avari    ( as Caravan Leader )
Sven-Ole Thorsen    ( as Would-Be King )

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